• Honors Alum Hazim Hardeman is Temple's 1st Rhodes Scholar

    Temple Honors '17 grad Hazim Hardeman earned the prestigious Rhodes Scholar award. Hardeman is the first student in Temple's history to win the award. A product of Philadelphia schools, the Community College of Philadelphia, and Temple's own Honors Program (YAY!), Hardeman will attend Oxford to continue his studies in sociology or political theory. Catch his incredible full story here.

  • Honors Professor Ferman Wants to Fight for America's Schools

    And she's written a book about it! The Fight for America's Schools: Grassroots Organizing in Education will be published in October of this year. See the flyer for it below.

  • Honors Prof Continues Healing the Ocean

    Dr. Erik Cordes has continued his tireless work on corals affected by the Deepwater Horizon spill. 

  • Honors Student Reaches New Heights (Literally)

    Honors Neuroscience and Psychology double major Zoe Steinberg makes time for her other passion: rock climbing. Enough time to crank out a national championship in bouldering. She was recently featured in Temple News.

  • Honors students & staff featured in Temple Honors

    New grads Jemie Fofanah and Rachel Paul were profiled by Temple Now. Jemie is headed to work for the U.S. Court of Appeals and Rachel will be preparing for graduate school.

    Honors Senior advisor, Musu Davis, was also featured for a story about shared graduation robes as she earns her doctorate in Urban Education.

  • Temple Now Features 4 Honors Grads

    Maggie Andresen, Chey Jones, Eli LaBan, and Chris Persaud were all profiled by Temple Now for their successes here and their future plans.

  • Honors Alum on CNN With Tips for Her Peers

    Kylie Patterson, senior program manager for the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative at CFED, a nonprofit focused on expanding economic opportunity, offers some timely financial advice for millennials (via CNN).

  • Honors Student Up For Emmy

    Temple News reports on senior Eli LaBan's documnetary on endangered languages in Nicaragua, Learn to Count in an Endangered Langauge." His work is up for a College Television Emmy.

  • Honors Student Kicks Up HIV and AIDS Awareness

    Honors Senior Haseeb Goheer started the first collegiate chapter of an international soccer organization to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. He's been featured in Temple Now for his efforts.

  • Two Honors Alums Featured in Temple Magazine

    Both Angela Washko ('09) and Matthew Daley ('03) are featured in the most recent issue in Temple Magazine. Angela is an activist through her artistic pursuits and Matthew has created a comic book series. Check them out!