Staff Profiles

Dr. Ruth Ost

Senior Director

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ruth headed to Ohio for college. She earned an A.B. from Oberlin where she majored in English, minored in history, took a lot of French and not enough art history (but she made up for it later). She spent the first half of her career in Michigan teaching high... read more about Dr. Ruth Ost

Amanda Neuber

Associate Director

Amanda Neuber attended Saint Joseph’s University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She loved Hawk Hill so much, she stuck around an extra year and earned her Master's degree in Experimental Social Psychology. Amanda realized her passion for academics and student affairs... read more about Amanda Neuber

Brad Pearson

Assistant Director

After spending four fantastic years at the College of William and Mary studying history and Japanese, Brad was faced with the decision that many graduates face: What to do next? In his first year out, Brad wrote for a music magazine, waited tables, and worked in human resources. None seemed to... read more about Brad Pearson

Zach Martin

Academic Advisor

Zach grew up in rural Southern Indiana understanding life through the lens of nature, building numerous forts among pine trees and riding 4-wheelers through corn fields. He received a full-tuition Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, where he... read more about Zach Martin

Jackie Graves

Academic Advisor

You can look long and hard and are unlikely to find a human who possesses a more intense and unparalleled love of dogs than the newest addition to the Honors team, Jackie Graves. It’s possible that you’ve seen her on bended knee, petting any and every canine that crosses Temple’s campus. While... read more about Jackie Graves

Seth Finck

Academic Advisor

As one of four siblings, living in small-town Virginia, Seth learned the high value of education, family, and friends. It makes sense then that one of the greatest experiences of his life was the four years he spent earning his B.A. in History from the College of William & Mary. There he met... read more about Seth Finck

Jackie Everette

Administrative Assistant

Jackie Everette, the beloved front-line wonder woman of the Honors program, earned her Associate's in Science at Pierce Junior College (now a 4 yr. institution). During this era, she met her husband while working at a summer job; shared her plans to attend Pierce, and he followed her lead. She... read more about Jackie Everette