Grants Available to Honors Students

Grants Available to Honors Students

Grants Available to Honors Students

We have two types of grants available for Honors students, the Honors Student Grant Program and the Cohere Cohort Micro-grants. Read below for more details.

The Cohere Cohort Micro-grant Program

Temple Honors & Cohere are excited to partner up with the next evolution to the Honors Student Grant Program. This program funds students' immersion in the key elements of Cohere’s business, and is an opportunity to mature your entrepreneurial spirit, developing a skill set that will help you further your own ideas. 

This year’s Cohere Cohort are invited to specific food entrepreneur workshops this fall and it is expected that engaging hands-on with Cohere’s programming will cultivate new modes of thinking and may help inform both your own research and potential career aspirations. By the end of the program, you will have met thriving food entrepreneurs and put together a few fun and interactive events that help shape the landscape of food and impact in Philadelphia. By the Spring you will be encouraged to develop your learnings into a project that could live on beyond the Cohort.

Cohere funds will be granted in a minimum amount of $1,000 and maximum amount of $2,000 and will include access to the Cohere team for advice, networking, and workshopping of ideas. Micro Grant funds to be used at the student's discretion, travel expenses, and investments related to their interest and this program. Priority for this support will be awarded to students whose visions align with the areas of food innovation, impact, and community cultivation. These students will proudly comprise The Cohere Cohort of the Temple Honors Program.

Grants are awarded to students looking to explore aspects of the following:

  • food justice - good food for everyone
  • food as a pathway to wellness
  • food waste reduction
  • the plant forward movement and alternative proteins
  • regenerative agriculture and climate health
  • How do we feed the next billion?
  • designing more equitable food systems
  • designing a circular ecosystem to reduce packaging waste
  • branding, marketing and transparency 

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Applocations for the Cohere Cohort Mico-Grants are due September 16th.

The Honors Student Grant Program


The purpose of the Honors Student Grant Program is to provide funding for current Honors student’s out-of-the classroom projects. The Temple Honors Program believes that in order to be successful, one should be intellectually curious, socially courageous, achieve academic excellence, and show integrity in leadership, which are the pillars of the Program. These funds will help students achieve their goals while being productive citizens. The projects funded are co-curricular (non-credit bearing) in nature and do not have any association with the student’s tuition, fees or activities related to coursework. 

Guidelines for Proposals

Interested applicants must submit the Honors Student Grant Program application. This application asks students to provide basic personal information, a brief summary of the project, the amount of money requested, a solid background and rationale, clear project description, budget, and plan of evaluation.

Ideal proposals may include but are not limited to funding for local transportation passes, money to support travel and attendance fees for conferences, and items that help students complete their co-curricular goals. Proposals that will not be accepted are anything required for coursework, tuition or fees, books, housing, stipends, or food.  We are open to creative use of the funds. 


Project must be co-curricular in nature. It can not be tied, in any way, to classroom assignments or any graduation requirements.

  1. The project addresses an interest of the student, related or unrelated to their academic career, and is elaborated on in their personal statement.

  2. The project addresses a well-defined deficiency in the student’s community or redresses a challenge identified by the student and related to their intellectual/academic interests.

  3. The student has a demonstrated history of pursuing challenging academic ideas and integrating interests in and outside of the classroom.

  4. The project requires a student to develop or exhibit leadership--ex. Training and leading personnel, collaboration with other offices/orgs.

Evaluation Process

An Honors Student Grant Committee will review all proposals on an ongoing basis. This committee can be made up of Honors staff, students, alumni, and stakeholders. Projects will be judged on how they satisfy each of the criteria listed in the guidelines. Projects that hold up the pillars of the Honors Program will be noted.

The committee is not obligated to award a grant each review period. The committee can also award as many grants as there is money to be awarded during each review. 

Eligibility to Submit Proposals

All current Honors students in good standing are eligible to apply for the Honors Student Grant. Students must have at least a 3.25 GPA and be active (be taking Honors classes) in the Program. Only one proposal may be submitted by an individual student per semester, but students can submit proposals in multiple semesters.

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