• Integrity in Leadership

    Step up.

    Join an Honors student organization to help build homes in Appalachia, lead discussions on diversity, or curate in art show in the Honors Lounge, among many other things.

  • InclusiveCommunity

    Make yourself at home.

    Honors students span all majors and hail from all over the world. You will certainly find your people here, because we value collaboration, not competition.

  • SocialCourage

    Make an impact.

    Whether it's creating a nonprofit to empower women, working to regulate greenhouse gases, or facilitating free, public journalism workshops, our students are putting their stamp on the world.

  • IntellectualCuriosity

    Check out our Honors courses.

    Double major in biology and anthropology, minor in communication and activism, and take that class on entrepreneurship. Whatever your interests, Honors is here to feed your curious mind.

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