Duncan Brady

Hi, my name is Duncan Brady. I'm a Junior English major studying Creative Writing with a certificate in Film, and I'm from Lancaster, PA. I've been incredibly lucky to have the Honors Program at Temple give me access to a whole bunch of opportunities. I've had the chance to work for Honors not only as an ambassador, but also as the Media Production Supervisor. Here, I have the chance to work closely with the Director and Associate Director of the Honors Program to make creative projects.

Alexandra Amado

I spent a semester researching in the Gladfelter Anthropology Lab. My time there was immensely rewarding, but at times profoundly confusing. There are so many artifacts and so many stories to tell that sometimes I felt completely overwhelmed. There are more people that have come in and out of the lab over the past 50 plus years than I can list. The lab’s history came to me in pieces, most of the information being stored solely in the mind of the former Senior Lab Technician, Muriel Kirkpatrick.

Cassandra Emmons

Past the time of traditional coups, today’s would-be dictators are seeking out more ambiguous ways to undercut democracy.  These norm violations are often difficult to identify, and sometimes are conceived of as less threatening to outsiders.  So, what can an intergovernmental organization do if its member states begin to violate common democratic norms in an ambiguous way?  While some have claimed IGO action is determined by the violating state’s power or the pressure of third parties, few have explored the influence of an IGO’s structure and design on its decision to enforce norms.

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