Honors Social Media

Honors Social Media

Here in the Honors Program, we understand the value of a well-written movie review, the importance of a 140-character quip about #honorsproblems, and the hilarity of memes and GIFs. 

The Honors Social Media team makes sure that you know what's going on around campus, Philly, and Honors.  We are constantly sharing information - whether that be a story on an interesting class/professor, a review about a must see movie, or information about Philly hotspots.  Our mission is to give you everything you need to know in every format possible, and our dedicated (entirely student) staff works hard week in and week out to turn that statement into a reality.

We like to keep you connected and enlightened! Check us out on these platforms

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If you’re an Honors student and interested in contributing to any of the Honors Social Media platforms, please contact Seth Finck (sethfinck@temple.edu).