Honors & COVID-19

Honors & COVID-19


All advising appointments will be conducted virtually. Due to low traffic, we will not be holding walk-in hours. If you'd like to ask a quick question, email is your best bet. General guidelines for appointments versus email: 

  • Appointments: Course planning, long-term academic planning, "Am I in the right major?", petitions, questions that require more than 5-10 minutes discussion.
  • Email: Honors requirements, contracts, declaring major/minor, schedule changes, etc.

Click here to make an appointment

If you don't know where to start, you can always email a staff member or honors@temple.edu!


This FAQ will address Honors-specific questions. If you have any quesitions, please feel free to email us! Click here to get general information about Temple's COVID-19 plans or check your TUPortal Return to Campus tab. 

Will the Lounge and Huddle be open for students?
No.  Since classes have moved mostly online, our full-time staff and student workers will be working from home and we are unable to keep the Lounge and Huddle open. 

Will I be able to meet with an advisor to discuss my schedule/other things?
Yes! Although our advisors will not be meeting with students in-person, you will still be able to meet with your advisor over Zoom. The scheduling process will be the same; you can make an appointment by choosing an advisor and filling out the scheduling form above. 

What community engagement/professional development/social events will be available to Honors students?
Honors is currently developing a few ideas for how to keep our community connected throughout the semester.

  • Honors REACT, will utilize the Honors Pillars to engage students in an unstructured “seminar” that students can opt-in or opt-out of based on interest and availability. You can add yourself to the Canvas page to see the “curriculum”. Each week, the Honors Bulletin will have the “assignments” including short readings, podcast episodes/videos, journal prompts, and action items throughout the week for you to look at/complete in your free-time. At the end of the week, Honors will host a social event related to the week’s topic to bring the community together both in-person (if possible) and virtually. All of this will be optional, and your presence at the Friday Team-Up will NOT be contingent on completion of the week’s “assignments.”
  • Beyond Your Classroom Experience Series this fall with professional development and self-care events hosted virtually on an alternating basis. This program invites campus administrators and student leaders to speak about topics that supplement your in class learning. Potential topics include resume building, office hours 101, vision boarding, mindfulness, etc. More information to come!
  • Honors Activities Board will be planning events for all interested students. To stay up to date on these, follow @tuhonorsactivities on instagram. The official Temple Honors (@templehonors) will also share these events periodically.