Honors Petitions

Honors Petitions

Petition for Additional Contracts

Complete the form linked below to request additional contracts in order to complete the Honors Program course requirements. This is to be considered only in extreme circumstances and you need to work with an advisor to determine if a petition would be needed. Petitions will be accepted for the two weeks immediately following a priority registration date. The Honors Program staff will consider the following items when making a decision:

  • Honors courses taken - We expect students requesting additional flexibility to have taken the majority of their Gen Ed requirements in Honors, as well as available Honors courses in their major and electives when possible
  • Honors contracts used - We expect students to have already used, or be in the process of using, their allotted contracts (2)
  • Academic history - We expect students to have demonstrated success in their coursework, and to have regularly taken 15 or more credits each semester
  • Remaining semester(s) schedule - We expect students to have a firm idea of their remaining coursework required for graduation and to be able to show that in those remaining semesters there is no space for Honors courses (either as required courses or electives).
  • Unique circumstances - Students should clearly explain reasons why they have not been able to accomplish the Honors course requirement through available Honors courses and contracts (e.g. extensive time studying abroad, rigid combination of majors/minors, etc.)

Submit a petition for additional contracts 

Upon submission, the petition will be reviewed by the Honors staff and a decision will be emailed to the student. Please direct any questions about the petition process to Seth Finck (sethfinck@temple.edu). Our goal is to have petitions reviewed within two weeks of submission.

Petition for Co-Curricular Experience

In place of one Honors upper level course requirement, students may propose and undertake a co-curricular (see: non-credit bearing) experience or project to complement their major or career plans. These experiences or projects should require students to intentionally explore and act upon a passion or interest, or to serve as a change agent in their community/organization. If these experiences or projects will be pursued as part of an existing role (e.g. student organization president, on-campus job) they should be demonstrably above and beyond the student's expected responsibilities for that role. Petitions will be accepted at any point in a student's academic career at Temple but must be submitted prior to undertaking the experience/project in question.

Submit a petition for a co-curricular experience