Honors Course Descriptions & Proposals

Honors Course Descriptions & Proposals

Honors Course Guide Descriptions

Ready to submit your course description for the coming semester? Not the generic Bannerspeak version, but one crafted for posting on our website (good advertisement for prospective students, by the way).   Students really do weigh their choices based on what they see in the Honors course guides

Beyond your course description, we'd like a short sketch about the instructor. Again, you can see samples in previous iterations of the guide. If you want us to re-use what you’ve sent in before, please fill out the form - there's a spot to let us know that you'd like to reuse a previous description and bio.

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Honors Course Proposals

Is there a course you've always wanted to teach?  Test it out on Honors students!  We welcome proposals for all levels of Honors courses.   If you are teaching a GenEd and would like to offer it in Honors, we will work with you to make this happen.  If you are interested in offering an upper level Honors course, we look for something interdisciplinary that will draw students from across the academic spectrum.  

As a point of reference, take a look at the Honors course guides.   You're bound to find a course you'd like to take.  We always do.  And best of all, the students do, too.

If you'd like to talk through ideas for a new course, by all means get in touch.  It would also be practical to talk with your chair about when you might offer an Honors course. We are well aware that you have departmental priorities. Honors will review the proposals on a rolling basis.

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