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Opportunities for Honors Alumni

Opportunities for Honors Alumni

Loungin' w/ Alumni Series

Here at Honors, we are proud of our alumni. You are always showing up, talking about your amazing experience working for the UN or starting your own dance company, and we want the current student to know! If you have been thinking about ways to give back- we would love to host you on campus for the day for our Loungin' w/ Alumni Series. We could have a casual lunch with a few Honorables, put together a panel, or create an evening program, all so that students can find out what it’s like out there- in the real world.  Let us know if you have any ideas or want to participate!

Honors Appalachia

We welcome our graduated Honors students to participate in Honors Appalachia by either being adult leaders on the annual student trip or coming on the Alumni Appalachia trip. Contact Seth at for more information.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising helps students and alumni identify and apply for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Many fellowships remain open to alumni in the years following graduation, and offer excellent opportunities to extend your training and expand your skill set. For additional information, contact director, Barbara Gorka at or 215-204-0708.

Fulbright US Student Program

Fulbright Scholar Program

Presidential Management Fellowship

Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment

National Institutes of Health Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award

Other Currently Open Alumni Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities