Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award

Nominations are currently closed for the 2017-2018 academic year and will reopen next fall.

About the Temple Honors Distinguished Alumni Award:

The Temple Honors Distinguished Alumni Award is for an alumna or alumnus of the Temple University Honors Program who has continued to embody the key pillars in the mission statement of the program - to be intellectually curious, socially courageous, and to uphold the values of integrity and leadership. The achievements of Temple University Honors Alumni are as diverse as the pathways that led them there, so recipients of this award may be working in any field, enrolled in an educational program, serving in a volunteer organization, or any combination of the three.

All are welcome to nominate, including self nominations, for the Temple Honors Distinguished Alumni Award. Candidates will be contacted to inform them that they have been nominated and will have the opportunity to submit materials to support their nomination, such as CV, statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation.

The award will be presented at the Honors Alumni Banquet in spring 2018. The winner is expected to attend the banquet and give a talk about their work/life/interest the night before the gala.

Nomination Form


  • Must have graduated from Temple University

  • Must have been a member of the Honors Program for at least 2 years

  • Must be out of the program for at least 2 years before considered for award

  • Candidate must be able to attend the banquet (no posthumous awards will be given)

  • Show examples of  intellectual curiosity and social courage within their daily life

  • Has gone above and beyond to show strong leadership and integrity in their field

Selection Process:

The Distinguished Alumni Award is given by the Temple University Honors Alumni Council to a deserving member of the alumni community. Any member of the alumni community, as well as Honors faculty and staff, may nominate an individual for this award. The Honors Alumni council reviews all materials submitted and selects the candidate that is most deserving of the award for that year. If the Council can not come to an agreement, an outside committee of Honors stakeholders will decide the winner.  All nomination information is kept confidential.

Nomination Packet:

The Distinguished Alumni Award Nominee has the opportunity to put together a packet of information for the selection committee. The packet should include:

  • A current Resume or Curriculum Vita

  • Personal Philosophy- Should make clear why the nominee is a good candidate for the Honors Distinguished Alumni Award, considering the following questions:

    • In what ways has the candidate continued to uphold the Temple Honors mission statement?

    • In what ways has the candidate continued to uphold the values of Temple University?

  • Any extra supporting materials up to 20 pages (letters of recommendation, selected publications, examples of work, etc.)