Honors Thesis Project

Honors Thesis Project

What is the Honors Thesis Project?

Many Temple students devote time and energy in their final semesters to independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. One of those options is the Honors Thesis Project. This project is unique from major in distinction or capstone research projects, but can incorporate or build on those research projects. And why do we call it a project? Because there is no one-size-fits-all definition of the project for every field. So the final product can be a paper, a film, a composition, or whatever makes sense for your chosen field. Your faculty mentor will assist in determining the validity of your project.

The Honors Thesis Project is designed for Honors students who want to complete an advanced research project in addition to their other Honors Program requirements. This project is meant to be an interdisciplinary exercise—we ask that they collaborate with faculty outside of their primary field of study or, at the very least, incorporate multiple disciplines in the research design. Students will work closely with a faculty mentor and a second reader to research, write, revise, and present their work prior to graduation. Your faculty mentor will ultimately be the arbiter of your success with this project. 

The benefits of completing an Honors Thesis Project include enhanced preparation for graduate or professional studies, transcript notation (including your project title), and recognition during the Honors Senior Ceremony.

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Timeline & Process

Below is a timeline of the 3-semester process with both academic and administrative goals for each semester. For most students, this process starts in spring of their junior year. For students graduating early, the timeline can be amended, please contact Seth Finck (sethfinck@temple.edu) to discuss.

Spring Junior Year

  • Academic: Identify faculty mentors and second readers. Use these faculty members to develop your research question. Get to know your subject area librarian!
  • Administrative: Attend an initial interest meeting and a kickoff roundtable during the study days. You will then be enrolled in a canvas course for Honors Thesis students.

Summer Junior to Senior Year

  • Academic: Begin to review the literature for your project. Find out where your research sits among what is currently available about your topic.

Fall Senior Year

  • Academic: Conduct your research. Begin to prepare to create/write your final project (paper, film, music composition, etc.).
  • Administrative:
    • Attend 2 Thesis Roundtable meetings.
    • Your Honors Thesis Proposal is due by 11:59 PM September 30th on Canvas. This proposal is a formal account of what you will pursue as your project and shows your commitment to completing it. This proposal is flexible, so if something changes during your research or preparation, you can edit it! We suggest you review the proposal form before starting it, so you know all of the requirements.

Spring Senior Year

  • Academic: Complete your project and prepare for your defense.
  • Administrative:
    • Your final abstract is due by 11:59 PM February 28th on Canvas. This abstract will be verified by your faculty mentor as reflective of your work and should be included with your final project. Click here or here for more info on writing abstracts.
    • Attend final roundtable meeting.
    • Schedule your project defense for some time during the month of April. Both faculty readers should be in attendance as well as at least one representative from Honors.
    • Attend our closing ceremony and hand in your final project!

Questions or requests for more information on proposing or completing an Honors Thesis Project should be directed to Seth Finck (sethfinck@temple.edu).