Course Guide

Course Guide

Honors courses are the key component to successfully completing the Honors Program requirements. Temple students can select Honors courses to fulfill General Education requirements, take courses required by a major, or choose some just because they sound intriguing--courses are the key to academic exploration and discovery!

These classes are small, taught as seminars in which students and professors challenge each other to think hard and creatively. Honors class discussions are like the best conversations—we don’t want them to end. Our courses often reflect the academic passions of Temple’s favorite professors, build upon community opportunities in Philadelphia, or are one-of-a-kind chances for our students to gain invaluable, hands-on experience in their field of choice (or in fields they didn't even know about!).

Current Honors course guide

To learn more about highlighted Honors courses and professors for the upcoming semester, have a look at the Honors Course Guide below. Please note that this is not a comprehensive look at every Honors course offered at Temple--for instance, it doesn't include all of the Fox Honors courses, Honors Engineering courses, or Honors Thesis seminars for seniors.  On Banner you can see every Honors course available in a department by selecting the department and then clicking on "Honors" in the "Course Attributes" box.

Fall 2022 Honors Course Guide

See what courses we’ve offered in previous semesters by looking at our archived Honors course guides.

Spring 2022 Honors Course Guide

Fall 2021 Honors Course Guide (PDF)

Spring 2021 Honors Course Guide (PDF)

Fall 2020 Honors Course Guide (PDF)

Spring 2020 Honors Course Guide (PDF)

Fall 2019 Honors Course Guide (PDF)

Spring 2019 Honors Course Guide (PDF)

Fall 2018 Honors Course Guide (PDF)  

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