Student Profiles

Kenneth G. Brown '14

Adam Vidiksis
Title of Project:
Three Songs
For my Honors Scholar project, I wrote a trio of poems which I set to music and then performed with the vocalist Alisha Rosa. I met several times with Temple poetry professor Kevin Varrone, and observed one of his classes, in order to gain deeper insight into my own poetry as well as the process of crafting a poem. This overlapped with my composition lessons with Professor Adam Vidiksis, in which we discussed the meaning and impact of my poetry in addition to my musical treatment of it. In addition to the angles into my work from these professors, I also received unique insight from the song’s performers, Alisha Rosa. She brought a thoughtful and artistic interpretation to my texts and music in such a way that my work truly came to life in her hands. Before Alisha and I performed these works on April 16th in Rock Hall, we discussed them with the audience from the stage. I shared the process of the poetry, the music, and the rehearsals, as well as the input I received from the various people involved in each step along the way. The performance was extremely successful, and afterwards many people enthusiastically told me how much they enjoyed the songs; it seemed as though they were the most notable pieces on my part of the program.