Student Profiles

Gabby Comp '24

Chicago, IL

Hey! I'm Gabriela Comp (she/her), but I go by Gabby, and I'm a sophomore from Chicago, IL. I'm a Theater major in the 4+1 Theatre Education Program (bachelors in theatre, masters in education, super-minor in English). Theatre has always been one of my greatest passions, but I also love working with kids and teaching others. So, this program is perfect for an aspiring drama teacher like myself! I'm also minoring in Spanish, as becoming fluent is very important to me due to my Hispanic heritage. Outside of classes and HATT, I am a Resident Assistant on campus in the 1300 dorm building and have both Honors and non-Honors residents! I also am a member of Temple's Creative Writers Commons, and just this past year joined the executive board as the Social Media Coordinator. During my free time I like to read, write, thrift, and watch anything related to the reality show Survivor. Coming from one big city to another, I feel right at home in Philly and at Temple. If you have any questions about anything, from the Honors Program to who my top ten Survivor players are, feel free to email me! I will also take any and all book recommendations to add to my never ending list :)