Student Profiles

Garima Adhikari '25

Nashua, NH

Hey! My name is Garima (she/her) and I am a Freshman CLA Neuroscience Major on a Pre-med track, who is also looking into a Psychology Minor. I am from Nashua, New Hampshire, which is only less than an hour drive away from Boston, so you can imagine the amount of times that I have been there. I have always been a city person and that was one of the reasons why I chose Temple because of it’s urban location. If you are not super familiar with being in city areas no worries, I got your back! I absolutely love going to Chinatown and eating out at the restaurants there since Asian cuisine is my favorite. If you have this in common with me, I would gladly like to connect and maybe we can make a trip to one of the restaurants there. As you read my academic information above, you have probably picked up that I love the medical field. It is something that I have always had an interest in. Initially, I came into Temple wanting to become a Pediatric surgeon, but after my first Neuroscience class, I adored learning about the human brain. Now my interest has shifted a bit, which is totally okay because college is where you find different interests and eye opening things to help launch your future career. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions regarding any of the topics I have mentioned above or things about Temple in general :)