Student Profiles

Eileen Fisher '24

Newtown, PA

Hi there!! I'm Eileen Fisher (she/her) and I'm a Chemistry major and Nutrition minor. I'm from Bucks County, PA which is pretty close to campus! What drew me to Temple Honors was the hardworking and motivating environment, and the atmosphere of the city life! Along with that, the smaller class size really helps me connect personally with professors and other students, and allows me to obtain a deeper understanding of the material and how to work with my peers. A program that I'm interested in participating in is the Study Abroad program! I'm currently looking into summer programs to earn credits abroad. I love the fact that Temple has diverse, international opportunities for studying and working away from its home campus. Something I love to do is finding new trails outside to explore on my hikes, and playing net games like volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc. I'm currently part of Temple's badminton team and hope to compete once tournaments start up again! I'm excited to meet prospective students and help guide them on their own journey to success.