Student Profiles

Jessica Chou '25

East Brunswick, NJ

Hey everyone! My name is Jess (she/her) and I am a freshman Health Professions major with a Healthcare Management Minor and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Certificate. I am currently pursuing the Pre-Physical Therapy track and am extremely passionate about the field of rehabilitation, business, and healthcare in general! My hometown is East Brunswick, NJ, located in central jersey which, contrary to popular (and wrong) beliefs, does very much exist. Chances are you're considering Temple if you're reading this which makes me so excited for you! Even though it's only my first year as an Owl, Temple has quickly become a home to me, especially the close-knit Honors program. Currently, I am involved in Temple's Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Professions Honor Society, Asian Students Association, Pre-Physical Therapy Association, and Students Helping Students. When I'm not in class, you can likely find me shooting some hoops at Pearson McGonigle, waiting in line at the halal food truck, napping in my Honors LLC dorm, or jamming out to country music while studying in the Student Center (yes, I like country, stop judging). I am always free to talk about any questions you have about Temple and about your career as a potential future Owl. So, if you want to know about all of the opportunities as a pre-health track or simply just want to debate the existence of central jersey, let's chat!