Student Profiles

Rachelle Gamboa '25

Gaithersburg, MD

Hey everyone! I'm Rachelle Gamboa, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a freshman Psychology major that is also minoring in Sociology of Health! Growing up as a Filipino-American, mental health was stigmatized and labeled as “taboo”. In the future, I hope to combat this issue by becoming a child psychologist to destigmatize the talk revolving around mental health. I was born and grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland (specifically Silver Spring and Gaithersburg). My proximity to Washington D.C. drew me to apply to schools in major cities, which is a huge reason why I applied to Temple! Not only is Temple located in Philadelphia, but Temple also offers amazing academic opportunities and fosters a diverse community. Currently, I'm involved in Temple University Philippine American Council (TUPAC), Temple University Asian Students Association (ASA), and other volunteering organizations. In my free time, I like to curate the perfect playlist on Spotify, watch shows and K-dramas, hang out with friends, try new foods, and explore new places! If you have any questions about Temple, the Honors Program, or have a recommendation for a show or a restaurant, feel free to email me! :D