Student Profiles

Dan Heim '18

McKeansburg, PA

Hey, everybody! I'm Dan, a senior History and Italian major here at Temple. I come from a tiny town called McKeansburg, about 2 hours away from Philadelphia. I grew up on a farm, so if you come from a small town and want to know what it's like moving to a big city like Philly, I'm your guy to talk to! From the first day I visited Temple, I knew it was the right choice for me, and it's given me many opportunities since then. I am a student worker for the Honors Program staff, and my positions as an Honors ambassador and as an ambassador for the College of Liberal Arts allow me to help others make the great choice to come to Temple. I think the best part of my last three years at Temple, though, is the semester I spent at our campus in Rome, Italy! I never thought I'd have the chance to live and study in a different country, and I'm so glad I chose to do it. If you want to know anything about Temple, Honors, CLA, study abroad, or really anything else, feel free to email me. I hope to see you at Temple soon!