Student Profiles

Sindhu Samudrala '20

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Hey everyone! My name is Sindhu and I am a sophomore biology major on the Pre-Med track here at Temple! I’m originally from Central Jersey so home is not too far away. Growing up, I was never the biggest fan of cities, but when I visited Philadelphia for the first time I fell in love. There are so many things to do here from exploring the streets, trying new food, and learning about the rich history of the city. When the opportunity to go to school in Philly came about, I knew I couldn’t say no. Coming to Temple is easily one of the best choices I made, and I’ve had so much fun here since. It is so easy to get involved on campus, both in Honors and out of it. Along with HATT, I’m in a medical fraternity, a service sorority, and I’m going on my second Honors Appalachia trip this summer. There honestly is a place for everyone at Temple!