Student Profiles

Hannah Braid '20

Scranton, PA

Hi! My name is Hannah Braid and I'm pursuing a double major in Linguistics and Spanish, with a certificate in ASL. I'm from Scranton, Pennsylvania (yes, like The Office), and attended Abington Heights High School. Moving from a small city to Philadelphia has certainly been a welcome change in my life. I love exploring the city and cultivating new experiences with my friends. Beyond bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop in Old City and unearthing the gems of the city, I also enjoy singing and am involved with a Temple University choir on campus. Being a part of the Temple Honors Program has provided me with a small, quirky college within a bustling, urban research university. It truly is the best of both worlds! Feel free to reach out to me about Linguistics, Spanish, ASL, the Honors Program, or any other Temple topics. Beyond that, inquiries about yoga, vegetarianism, Harry Potter (go Ravenclaw!), and musical theater, or just pictures of dogs, are also always welcome in my inbox! Feel free to reach out!