Student Profiles

Emily Chandler '25

Raleigh, North Carolina

Hey!! I'm Emily (she/her), and I'm a Political Science major on the Pre-Med track. I'm originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, but chose to come all the way to Philly so that I could live in and explore the city, and also to be a student in this amazing honors program at what I think is the best university in the country (and I'm totally not biased at all). Something that might surprise you is that if I'm given the aux, I will be playing my extensive Latin Pop/ Reggaeton playlist, despite my Spanish speaking skills being subpar. When I'm not doing schoolwork or out exploring the food in the city with my friends, I'm a certified Pharmacy Technician and work off-campus doing that. The rest of my time you can catch me with my nose in a book or geeking out on a new documentary series or Spanish soap opera on Netflix. If you have any questions about Temple or honors, want to talk politics or even have tv recommendations for me please reach out! Or if none of those apply to you and you still want to talk!