Student Profiles

Joe DePaolo '19

Staten Island, NY

Hey! My name is Joseph Louis John DePaolo the 4th, or JD. I am a sophomore Media Studies and Production (on a Media Production Track) and Theater double major. I grew up in the forgotten borough of New York City aka Staten Island. I honestly love Temple and can't see myself at any other university. Temple has so many opportunities for me to grow and explore my horizons. I am very active in my Temple community. Besides being apart of HATT, I am a member of Insomnia Theater and the head of fundraising for Temple Side Stage Theater. I am also a RA for the 1300 Honors LLC! I came to Temple because of the close knit community that it radiates - especially with the Honors Community! I have never felt like just another person in the crowd, I always felt like I was cared about. In the future, I hope to bring theater into a new medium and make it more accessible to the public (sort of what Grease Live and the Wiz Live did). Contact me if you want to learn more about being involved in theater without being a theater major!