Student Profiles

Nancy Dordal '18

Emmaus, PA

Hello! My name is Nancy and I am a junior Anthropology major with minors in Spanish and Chemistry. I am also on the Pre-Med track, although I recently also started considering law school so who knows where I’ll end up! Temple University and the Honors Program have really encouraged me to pursue all of my various interests and have afforded me many opportunities to do so. I have enjoyed being an Honors Ambassador as well as a Classroom Assistant for Introductory Biology. I have spent my summers performing genomics research at a biology lab on campus as well as studying abroad at Temple Rome where we held class in front of the Colosseum. This summer I will be volunteering on the U.S.-Mexico border helping Central American migrants. In my free time, I like to explore Philadelphia, particularly through food. If you have any questions about Honors, Anthropology, Pre-Med, or having no idea what you want to do, I’m here to help!