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Jackie Graves

Academic Advisor

You can look long and hard and are unlikely to find a human who possesses a more intense and unparalleled love of dogs than this member of the Honors team, Jackie Graves. It’s possible that you’ve seen her on bended knee, petting any and every canine that crosses Temple’s campus. Jackie has been a member of the Temple family since 2013, working as an Advisor in the Fox School of Business and as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Education (teaching Tweens & Teens). She joined the Honors team in 2016 as an advisor and is now also an Adjunct Professor in the College of Liberal Arts (teaching Honors Human Sexuality). Prior to becoming an owl, Jackie was a Scarlet Raptor during her time earning her B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University – Camden and a Phoenix during her time working as an Advisor at University of Phoenix and earning her M.S. in Psychology (she really loves psychology, if you couldn’t tell). She hails from the great state that produced such musical legends as Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, and Ice-T – New Jersey!

Nowadays, you’ll find Jackie living blissfully in South Jersey with her wife, twin girls, and 4 (yes, 4) dogs. She enjoys traveling (who doesn’t?) and has had the pleasure of experiencing the wonder of exotic destinations such as Tokyo and Cleveland! Jackie is a devoted outdoor enthusiast, amateur woodworker, volunteer firefighter, and baker of the best chocolate chip cookies in the world (you really have to try them). If given the choice, she’d spend the majority of her time outdoors – either in the mountains or at the beach. However, if she’s forced to be indoors, she thinks the Honors Lounge is a pretty cool place to be! Jackie is truly HONORed to officially claim the title of “2nd best Jackie” on the Honors team.

Talk to Jackie about:
Dogs, obviously
Being First-Gen
Being a Transfer Student
Building things!