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Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Welcome to the Temple Honors website!

Whether you are visiting us for the first time, or are old friends checking in to see what’s new, we’re glad your cyber travels brought you here.   Temple has never been more vibrant; Honors is right at the center of the action.

Our context:  Honors is a small community of about 2000 students with the tremendous advantage of being part of a large urban research university with 28,700 + undergrads (and 9500 grads students), outstanding faculty and 141 or so majors. 

A quick sketch of the students:  Hailing from every school and college at Temple, they are intellectual explorers (if some more sure-footed than others at the outset).  They like to boundary-cross:  English majors minor in business; biology majors study art history; music majors take calculus.  One major and one minor are often not enough (so many to choose from!); indeed, one campus is often not enough. They go to Rome, Tokyo, Oviedo—Temple Honors GPS takes them all over the globe.   

They study hard, but that’s not the half of it.   On campus, they play Division I sports, lead student organizations, sing in Temple Gospel Choir.  In the community, they tutor, they intern, they create urban gardens, they hold down part-time jobs.   Meanwhile, they live in Philly, which has no shortage of attractions. It’s an easy subway ride to an Eagles or Temple football game—or to the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

A few favorite Honors perks:  small classes, wonderful faculty, mentoring, cool courses, special housing (with a four-year campus housing option), a classroom in the residence hall, priority registration, and Honors advising.  More about advising:  our goal is to help our students find a match for their aspirations, talents and what matters to them. This includes their academic program, research opportunities, experiential learning (Temple Honors Appalachia—go for it! ), plans for graduate and professional schools, scholarships, jobs.  In short, Temple Honors is here to provide holistic support across the four years, even after graduation.

What happens when Honors students take advantage of everything Temple offers (Temple Made!), plus what they have found on their own initiative (which is impressive)?   They win Fulbrights, Marshalls, Udalls, Trumans; they are admitted to the most prestigious graduate and professional schools here and abroad; they “Teach for America”; they land interesting work in the business world, non-profits and the arts.  To see what our current undergrads are up to, check out SmartStories. 

We hope your cyber visit inspires you to visit Temple, learn more about the university and about Honors.  And, old friends, keep us current with your latest adventures.


Dr. Ruth Ost
Senior Director, Temple University Honors Program