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Forms for Current Students

Forms for Current Students

These forms are for current Honors students looking to contract an Honors course, propose a Scholar Project, petition for amended Honors Program requirements, or apply for a Summer Educational Enhancement Stipend.

Honors Contract Form

Use this form if you wish to turn a non-Honors course into an Honors course. See the cover sheet for more information on course eligibility and requirements. Return this form to the Honors Program office when you have obtained the necessary signatures.

Honors Scholar Proposal Form

If you are planning on doing an Honors Scholar Project then fill out this form with all necessary information and return to the Honors Program office.

Honors Program Petition Form

Use this form to submit a request to our office for us to review your academic situation for a possible amendment to your Honors Program requirements. Complete the form (including all attachments and signatures) and return it to the Honors Program office. Please note: this form is only accepted at the end of each semester. See the Honors listserv announcements for specific deadlines.

Temple Merit Scholarship Summer Educational Enhancement Stipend Form

Click above to be linked to the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies website where you can access the application form. For additional information, please consult the frequently asked questions document made available at the link below.

Download FAQ (doc)

Temple Merit Scholarship Summer Educational Enhancement Stipend: Post-Summer Stipend Review Form

Upon completion of your stipend experience, please complete survey linked in the heading above. Submissions should be received by 5 PM August 22, 2014.