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Honors Academics

At the core of the Honors Program is a richly rewarding intellectual experience. Most of the Honors courses are small seminars taught by outstanding Temple professors. These courses range from Honors versions of GenEd classes to unique upper level courses. Do students have to take all their classes in Honors? No. Temple offers tremendous choice in how to go about earning an undergraduate degree, but Honors classes tend to be great favorites.

In addition to taking Honors courses, students are eligible to take graduate classes, create Honors contracts, and, most important, complete independent study research as Honors Scholars. The Scholars, working with a faculty mentor, write a thesis, tackling a topic that they care about, the title of which is posted on their Temple transcript. Because Honors students are in every school and college at Temple, the theses reflect that wonderful diversity.

Explore our current course offerings and see what our current Honors Scholars are researching.