Student Profiles

Azam Husain '17

Gaithersburg, MD

Hello everyone! I am Azam Husain, a neuroscience major and healthcare management minor in the College of Science and Technology. I come from Gaithersburg, Maryland, a small suburb about an hour from Baltimore (Ravens Nation!). It's not typical for students in my county to come to Temple, but I was set on Temple since my freshman year of high school. My sister, an alumna of the College of Science and Technology, sparked my interest in Temple early on, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. On campus, I am very involved in my fraternity and Temple MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education, & Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere). I have also been to every food truck on campus so feel free to stop by for some recommendations (shoutout to Eddie's Pizza). The Honors Program has opened many doors for me since beginning my undergraduate career and I hope to help you all develop as both students and people...and food truck enthusiasts.